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Be a Spy at SportsXtra Camp – Clissold Leisure Centre, 63 Clissold Road, London N16 9EX.  The name is a bit misleading, as this particular camp is all about being a spy!  If your child has ever wanted to be a special agent, use the same gadgets that real spies use on their missions or find out how this the secret world of espionage works, Sports Xtra’s Spy School is a must.

  • Ages: 5-11
  • Time: 9 – 4 PM
  • Days per week: 5
  • Week offered: 5 August.  Also offered 22 July at St. James School near Kensington Olympia.
  • Cost: £30/day.
  • SportsXtra offers many other summer camps, such as sports, dance, archery in locations across the UK, including Chelsea, Kensington, Westminster, and Muswell Hill.
  • Also offer courses during term time, as well as parties

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Clissold Leisure Centre, 63 Clissold Road, London N16 9EX
51.5578873, -0.08460900000000038

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